Geospatial Analysis & Mapping Center
Kamiak Environmental, LLC, provides a highly customized service for you. Our approach to a well-designed product implies our awareness of your professional needs. We fill the gaps by answering questions not even asked. We strive to broaden the interpretation of the GIS tool beyond creating a mere visual representation of data layers in the shape of physical or digital maps. We extend your knowledge and professional expertise by extrapolating existing fixed parameters of today's data into more flexible patterns of its interpretation for future prognostication needs.
Kamiak Environmental, LLC, operates a full service Geospatial Analysis Center (GIS Lab) known as Kamiak Geospatial. Our services include a wide array of custom map printing, features analysis, multi-spectral image analysis, satellite imagery dissection, linear and non-linear multi-attribute regression analysis, Kriging, variography, geo-statistics determination, and more!
Kamiak Geospatial
We complete vector and raster data analysis, commercial map printing and special job map generation to best suit your needs. In addition, we will integrate GPS data (complete data dictionary management, post collection differential correction) into your GIS project complete with feature attributes. We will then perform full evaluations of the data to generate its visual, temporal, and spatial representations. Kamiak Geospatial offers you a Geographic Information Systems Laboratory capable of not just mapping attributes, but full analysis of a broad range of geographic, social, biological, and physical attributes, designed to facilitate planning sessions and management decisions.
Interactive GIS Map Deployment to Users
Geospatial Analysis
Forest Volumetric Analysis
Rangeland Analysis
Vegetation Typing (including timber stand mapping)
Vegetation Health Analysis and Change Detection
Training (1, 2, 3, and 5 day seminars at your location)
Introduction to ArcGIS (9.x & 10.x)
Analysis in ArcGIS (9.x & 10.x)
ArcGIS Explorer - deployment within your organization
Introduction to GPS (Trimble and Garmin GPS)
Intermediate GPS (Trimble and Garmin GPS)
Migrating data to and from your GPS and GIS
Performing Post Collection Differential Correction (Trimble units only)
Data Dictionaries for Trimble (creation and use)
How to use GPS and GIS to "Make your data layers MATCH"
Custom classes available, please inquire
Custom Map Production
Map Book Development for your Organization
Aerial Photography & Satellite Imagery
Land Ownership
Public Land Survey System (Townships, Ranges, and Sections)
Roads & Trails
Vegetation Typing
Soils and Geology