Natural Resource Econometrics
Natural Resource Econometrics Textbook For most of his career, Dr. Schlosser has maintained student guides, published the website, taught short courses, undergraduate, and graduate classes at Universities in Natural Resource Economics. As a Natural Resources consultant, he has assisted forest management companies, other consulting firms, state and federal agencies, counties, and others in the articulation of financial management strategies including econometrics, state and federal forestland activity taxation, and risk management. Natural Resource Econometrics is the result of forest resource economics management and training efforts for the natural resource practitioner, self-guided learner, and University student alike.
Natural Resource Econometrics is a Practitioner's Guide that has been updated periodically since it was first conceptualized as a student guide in short courses. The textbook includes standard economic problem solving strategies, financial analysis tools, portfolio management tutorials, and the Real Price Appreciation formula, developed by Dr. Schlosser during the past three decades and applied to natural resource challenges around the world. The resource management practitioner will use this guide to expand econometric design and capabilities in the workplace while establishing realistic projections to the solution of real world economic challenges.
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