Kamiak Econometrics
Natural Resource Economics and Finance
Kamiak-EconometricsKamiak Environmental, LLC, operates a Natural Resources Economics and Finance Division known as Kamiak Econometrics. Our services are focused on addressing a wide variety of natural resource and environmental issues concerning economics: commodity valuation, price projections, cost forecasting, operations analysis for productivity and profitability, developing management and taxation policy based on social, financial and political constraints, optimization of business operations, and land resource valuation for appraisal purposes.
Econometrics is the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to economics in the study of problems, the analysis of data, and the development and testing of theories and models. We accomplish this through a variety of techniques applied to the specifics of the situation we are addressing.
  • Econometric Design & Forecasting
    • Cost & Price Forecasting
    • Resource Valuation
    • Operations Research & Optimization
    • Multi-Linear Econometric Analysis
  • Forestland Taxes
    • Estate Planning
    • Creation of Business Chart of Accounts
    • Determination of Original Basis & Current Basis
    • County Property Tax Category Selection and Qualification
  • Carbon Sequestration
    • Policy Development
    • Determination of periodic carbon increment (PCI)
    • Verification of Carbon contracts and sequestration rates
  • Training
    • Resource Economics & Finance (2 day, 3 day, and 5 day training available)
    • Short Courses and Guest Lecturers