Kamiak Environmental, LLC, Environmental Planning Center
Environmental Planning services offered by Kamiak Environmental, LLC, address a broad range of planning needs using a variety of assessment tools. We offer advanced hazard mitigation assessments, environmental management analyses, NEPA compliance, and overall resource planning needs.
Planning Services and Documentation
Environmental Planning services offered by Kamiak Environmental, LLC, address a broad range of planning needs using a variety of assessment tools. Our services include programmatic planning, Hazard Mitigation Planning, resource planning, NEPA Compliance (Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements), biologic opinions, baseline analysis, and much more. We deliver to you efficient and results-oriented planning to meet your deadline needs and attention to your resource management requirements.
The deadline issue is something we take as seriously as you do. We have taken the challenges to complete significant planning projects, NEPA Compliance projects, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plans, and programmatic planning development facing very short planning horizons. In EVERY case, we did it within the deadlines and without contract extension requests. At the same time, we did it professionally and to the satisfaction, and even amazement, of our client and the regulatory administrators of the programs.
We get the job done.
In order to accomplish environmental planning projects, we utilize analysis tools including field assessments & sampling, integrated planning committee collaboration, geospatial analysis (GIS mapping and analysis integrated with GPS data), and more. Planning projects involve integrated interactions with our clientele through team meetings, planning committee meetings, and strategic planning meetings. Our staff completes field data collection using a combination of GIS mapping with GPS data collection, and detailed measurements of resource components. Kamiak Environmental planning is led by Dr. William Schlosser, an Environmental Scientist and Regional Planner, who combines a
detailed understanding of natural resource science in geology, forestry, range management, and economics. These capabilities are combined with professional expertise in wildlife usage areas, plant species presence and coverage, soil mapping, wetlands extent, road layout designs, and much more.
As an environmental planning consultant or as a team leader and professional resource, we are ready to work with you. Please contact us to arrange a no-cost consultation about your planning project. We bring you timely, competitively priced, professional, and real-world results.
Planning Services and Documentation
Although our history of project work includes many different aspects of planning services, two main aspects of professional planning have taken a primary role over the years
Hazard Mitigation Planning
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance
Hazard Mitigation Planning
Federal Hazard Mitigation Planning is a responsibility shared between two federal agencies related by the aspect of reducing the risks to people, places, and infrastructure from natural and man caused disasters. One of those agencies is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The other is the National Fire Plan, created by Congressional order, and administered by the US Departments of Agriculture and Interior, with states, tribes, counties, and organizations, to improve response and resilience in the event of wildland fire. Kamiak Environmental works with counties, tribes, states, and agencies to implement hazard risk reduction planning.
One strategy we have used, which works excellently, is to integrate the FEMA and the National Fire Plan approaches into a unified hazard mitigation planning document. Although the two programs have slight differences in approach, we have been successful at combining both regulatory frameworks into one planning document. The unified planning document is used by the jurisdiction to justify grant applications, planning approaches, and regulatory consistency to their programs.
At the same time, the hybrid planning document reduces costs to the jurisdiction by not duplicating planning efforts of the jurisdiction, or cooperators, to complete the requested planning verification.